To pave the way for "Daang Matuwid" of the Administration, little things mean a lot....


Reflecting on the events of the past years make one ponder on what might and should not happen.  It makes us wonder if we did the right and if we did our best during the time we had the chance to make the change.

Being employed in the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) for twenty-four (24) years, I have seen a lot of changes that occurred in the agency.  From being a line bureau of thr Department of Justice with only probationers as clients to an Administration with an added pool of clients that include parolees, pardonees and eventually first-time minor drug offenders placed on suspended sentence (FTMDO), the PPA had really gone a long way in making a difference in the Philippine Criminal Justice System.  It had placed the Agency in the fore-front in relation to crime prevention, treatment of offenders in the community-based setting and in the over-all administration of criminal justice.

But despite all these significant and substantial changes that happened to our Agency, there is this little aspect of day-today office managemet that we tend to overlooked.  The basic things on office rules and etiquette that we learned from our Employee Orientation Course (EOC) were sometimes taken for granted.  Over the years, we became lax and less mindful of the proper office decorum.  From simple telephone manners to observance of the basic civil service rules such as absenteeism, tardiness, office dress code and related matters, there is much to be desired most of the time. These might be seemingly minute details in the course of our work ethics, but I assure you, it wasn't.  To pave the way for "Daang Matuwid" of the present Administration, little things mean a lot.