Republic of the Philippines

Department of Justice


Redeeming Lives... Restoring Relationships



  1. To  optimize operations through
    • maximum functioning of existing units according to their respective duties.
    • systematic expansion of services, according to the demands of  probation work and available resources
    • judicious utilization of limited Agency resources so as to obtain desired results in the best manner possible with the least expenditures of time, efforts and money.
      2.  To  achieve a united approach to Agency goals through
          integrated planning and constant coordination among all units.

     3.  To develop a more efficient and up-to-date system for the
          collection, collation and analysis of data relative to probation,
          parole and suspended sentence caseloads, and their

     4.  To recruit qualified employees and volunteer aides, and 
          to promote thier continuing professional development.

     5.  To continuously improve staff and line service through adequate
          personnel supervision, relevant research, and periodic                         evaluation.

     6.  To generate greater public and inter-agency support for
          probation through an integrated and systematic public
          information program.

     7.  To actively participate in the government's jail decongestion
          program, and in this connection, to give priority to detention
          prisoners in our public information drives.

     8.  To cooperate and coordinate with other agencies of the
          government in the accomplishment of national program
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